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NextBus Cellphone/Smartphone Access

Now you can get actual arrival information — not just schedule information — for your stops, on your handheld Internet device. NextBus wireless access is making Passenger Information Everywhere a reality by bringing our information to wireless phones and Internet accessible devices including Smartphones.

  • Smartphones
    No need to download an app. NextBus offers a compact version of the website, specifically optimized for smartphones such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Treos, etc. For GPS enabled location aware phones the app will automatically tell you the predictions for the nearest stops. And you can even see a map with the locations of the vehicles in real-time. Makes getting your information extremely easy. Simply point your browser to Details...

  • SMS
    You can obtain prediction information via a cell phone or PDA by sending a text message specifying your stop or your location. The prediction information for your stop will be text messaged back to you in just a few seconds. You can also use SMS to setup Alerts to be automatically notified when your bus is a specified number of minutes away Details...

  • Internet-Enabled Phones
    Internet-enabled phones allow you to browse the web using your wireless phone. Not all cell-phones have this capability. Your phone must use the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) protocol. You must also have the web browsing service enabled by your service provider. If you have any questions, contact your service provider Details...

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